This "Extra" Detail Makes an Engagement Ring So Special

It’s no secret that we browse Stephanie Gottlieb’s Instagram page on the regular for the prettiest engagement ring photos. The private jeweler based out of New York constantly posts the dreamiest diamonds and educates her followers on diamond fun facts, like what a $50,000 difference looks like in engagement rings and how to decide which engagement ring shape will look best on your finger. Even as someone nowhere near the proposal phase in my life, I find myself double-tapping every photo Gottlieb posts.

The most recent sparkly photo to catch my attention from her feed is the below image, which, as Gottlieb points out, is “simple from the top and fancy on the side.” The gorgeous ring has a pavé detail on the side of the ring that “adds a little something extra special that the bride gets to see every time she looks down at her hand.” I had never seen this “special” detail on an engagement ring before and was so intrigued I had to share.

Scroll to the second photo to see the special detail, and shop our favorite engagement rings at the end.


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