The Must-See Guide for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

While there are many factors that go into choosing an engagement ring, carat size is certainly one of the most important. Simply stated: The goal is to find a clear, beautiful diamond that's the size and price that you desire. But when it comes to carat size, it can seem a bit intangible when faced with the decision of how many, since you don't really know what it'll look like until placed on the ring finger. We believe that it's best to start your shopping with at least an idea of what you're looking for, so we were happy to find Popsugar's guide to what different carat sizes really look like on a woman's finger. Ranging in size from 0.75 to 4.2 carats, this helpful visual comparison will help you to see what your money can really get you. Scroll down to shop a few of our favorite engagement rings of different carat sizes, and head over to Popsugar to see the guide!

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Opening Image: Harper's Bazaar UK