The Biggest (and Most Common) Engagement Ring–Buying Mistakes

Whether you’re actually shopping for an engagement ring (hint: non-traditional engagement rings are trending) or simply pinning for future reference, it’s worth learning a thing or two from those who have already been through it. After all, if and when the time comes, purchasing an engagement ring isn’t like ordering swimsuits online—you don’t buy them with the expectation of dealing with returns and exchanges. It’s kind of a one-shot thing, so with that in mind, we were curious as to what some of the biggest engagement ring–shopping don’ts are, so we reached out to the experts at Hearts on Fire (the company behind "The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond"), to share their expertise with us. Enter: Katelyn Cristoforetti, customer experience manager at Hearts On Fire, who literally helps people buy engagement rings every day, and she broke down the four biggest faux-pas she’s seen for us.

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Opening Image: @ChriselleLim