The Fancy-Looking Styling Trick for Those Who Do the Bare Minimum

If you’re the kind of person who tries hard to style every outfit in a unique and interesting way, take a break. The work is appreciated, inspiring, and, yep, you look amazing, but sometimes less effort is more. At least that’s the lesson we’re stealing from the Emporio Armani runway show.

While the Armani brand itself is one that often embodies precise and classic tailoring, the Emporio line took a laid-back approach to styling the outfits on its London Fashion Week runway. Zippers and buttons were only marginally utilized to fasten jackets by the chest, allowing the rest to fall to the sides of the body like a cape.

While it’s a silhouette we’ve certainly seen before on the Italian fashion house’s runway, we were reminded of just how useful this one-second styling trick can be. It allows you to better spotlight your multiple layers of clothing, it can show off an unexpected bit of skin if that’s your preference, and it adds interesting movement to an otherwise buttoned- or zippered-up silhouette.

Below, take a look at the few seemingly lazy but definitely alluring examples of Emporio Armani's zero-effort styling trick.