Emma Watson Needs Your Help to Find Her "Most Meaningful" Possession

We can all agree that there’s practically nothing worse than losing your favorite piece of jewelry. While you try to move on, you can’t stop racking your brain for where it could be, and you’re constantly haunted by the naked feeling of your finger, wrist, or neck. Emma Watson is experiencing this very feeling as we speak—and she needs your help.

Yesterday, Watson took to Facebook to describe how she lost three rings over the weekend and to ask fans to help find them. She shared that she went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London for a spa treatment on Sunday. Before the appointment, she placed her rings in a safe inside a locker and when she left, she forgot to take them (something we’ve all been guilty of). Upon realizing her rings were missing from her fingers, she called the spa and security reported that they were nowhere to be found.

In the post, she explained that one of the rings holds significant sentimental value. She revealed that her “mum” gave her one of the rings for her 18th birthday, after wearing it herself since the day after Watson was born. “Were these just any rings I could accept this…,” she wrote. “I wear this ring every day, it is my most meaningful and special possession.”

Watson ended the post begging anyone who was at the hotel on Sunday and knows any information about her rings to let her know by emailing findthering@outlook.com—“no questions asked.”

Read Watson's full Facebook post below.

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