This Is What Emma Watson's Closet Actually Looks Like

Glimpsing into A-lister closets feels a little bit like taking a peek into the more personal side of celebrities that we don't always get to see. And while many of them boast entire rooms stacked high with jeans or jammed full of designer bags, Emma Watson isn't your average celeb. As a champion of sustainable and thoughtful fashion, Watson tends to work with brands with a larger mission than just spurring the latest trend.

It's no surprise then that looking into her closet offers a lesson in pared-back celebrity dressing. And while she may have more pairs of shoes than your average 26-year-old, in the realm of celebrity wardrobes, it's impressively minimal. Below is a look inside Watson's London closet, courtesy of Coveteur. Prepare to be not only impressed but also inspired.

Read on to see Emma Watson's closet and what she has to say about her personal style!