How to Pull Off the One Thing You're Not Supposed to Wear During Winter

In our opinion, many fashion rules were made to be broken. White works for every season, sneakers can look dressed-up for the right occasion, and as for florals? We know they aren't groundbreaking for spring, but it's somewhat of a faux pas to break them out during winter. But one look at Emma Stone's outfit and you'll be apt to disagree. The actress stopped by Good Morning America to promote her new film La La Land wearing a floral dress by Michael Kors that seems perfect for the season.

The key to Stone's look is in the styling. Opting for a floral print in softer, more seasonal tones instead of a bright hue helps it feel appropriate. Then, by adding a cozy, coordinated coat on top, and choosing closed-toe pumps instead of sandals, Stone makes the ensemble just right for right now.

Read on to see exactly how Emma Stone pulls off the traditionally springy print, and shop pieces inspired by her style!