Emma Stone Makes an Interesting Point About The Bachelor

Have you been following this season of The Bachelor? (And taking note of what the contestants have been wearing?) Emma Stone, for one, is definitely a fan. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last nightthe actress chatted about the show—and her thoughts will definitely make you laugh.

During their conversation, she mentioned one of her predictions for who will make it to the end: Vanessa. Kimmel agreed with her pick: "Vanessa is going to—I don't know if the word is win. She's going to wind up with a guy who was once on a reality show," he quipped. "Isn't it wild you win? You win a spouse?" Stone replied. The duo went on to joke about the premise of the show and whether it should be Price Is Right style. As if we couldn't adore Stone—and her awkward hugs—any more, her fascination with The Bachelor cements our love for her. 

Scroll down to watch Emma Stone chat about The Bachelor on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

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