Emma Roberts Told Us 5 Style Tips We Haven't Heard Before

Photo: Getty Images

There’s a lot that most of us don’t have in common with Emma Roberts. She’s been on multiple hit TV shows, is often walking the red carpet for major Hollywood events, and has a duo of stylists—Brit and Kara Smith, to be specific—helping her plan her next sartorial moves. But it’s when the actress speaks frankly about her personal style that we find some real common ground. And the below pieces of advice, straight from the actress herself, can prove it.

During Who What Wear’s recent photo shoot and interview with Roberts for our Spring Issue, we dove deep into the details of her fashion POV and found some sage wisdom when it comes to feeling confident, comfortable, and excited about whatever you’re wearing. And it doesn’t take a generous budget or professional help, either.

Ahead, check out the five best pieces of style advice we gleaned from one of our favorite fashion girls.

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