Emma Roberts, Can We Borrow That Dress When You're Done With It?

Nearly every list you’ll ever find regarding fashion “essentials” will likely include some kind of black dress. While we agree that an LBD is a great addition to any closet, the one Emma Roberts wore yesterday is by far the coolest we’ve seen in a long time.

From a distance, her midi-length, long-sleeved number looks almost polka-dotted, but it’s little celestial graphics—Saturn and crescent moons, specifically—that are scattered about the design by Markarian. Not familiar? We weren’t either. Markarian is the just-launched NYC label by Alexandra O’Neill, and it’s named after the scientist who discovered the Markarian Galaxies. All her pieces are cosmos-themed, and they are all incredibly elegant without being too pristine.

Roberts is one of the very first celebs to debut this new line, but we have a feeling we’ll be seeing more and more of it. Scroll down for a closer look, and commit the name Markarian—the brand, and yes, the scientist—to memory.

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