Emma Roberts Gets Real for Her Unretouched Aerie Campaign

We got our first peek at Emma Roberts’ unretouched #AerieREAL campaign last month, and after weeks of anticipation, the images shot by Ali Mitton are finally here—and they’re gorgeous! To celebrate, the Scream Queens actress hosted an intimate dinner Friday evening alongside the lingerie brand at florist Eric Buterbaugh’s charming Los Angeles studio. Before sitting down to the delicious three-course meal, we caught up with Roberts to talk about the campaign’s important message, embracing her own imperfections, and more. Keep reading for our exclusive interview, plus shop Aerie’s fall collection.



Ali Mitton

Credits: Aerie Supersoft Flannel ($40) in Preppy Red and Boybrief ($8).

The #AerieREAL campaign is all about loving your body and imperfections. Do you have any imperfections that you disliked at one time, but have come to love?
I was made fun of for being really short. I was always the shortest person in my class, and I’m still the shortest person in every room I walk in to. I would wear heels during the day to compensate, and then one day I was like, “Who cares!” I’m short and if people want to bring it up, it’s a conversation starter. So I’ve embraced it and don’t really wear heels that much unless it’s for an event. I also used to get spray tanned a lot, because I used to get made fun of for being so pale. And I’ve just embraced it, because even if I feel like I look good, I know it’s not real. So I embrace being short and pale. I had a unibrow until fourth grade. To me, the most beautiful people are the people who embrace their “flaws,” people who just own what they have. My mum always said to me when I was younger, “Emma, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the most expensive dress in the room or something from you know, Target. If you have confidence, you will be the most beautiful person there.” I would always roll my eyes at her, and then as I get older I realise it’s true. The people that I flock to are people that are confident, happy, and funny. They are not the people that are the most made up or in the most expensive dress. 


Ali Mitton

Credits: Aerie Supersoft Flannel ($40) in Preppy Red.

Credits: Aerie Romantic Lace Bralette ($20) in Navy; Aerie Plaid Cape ($40) in Navy.

Is there an article of clothing that makes you feel sexy and confident the moment you put it on?
You know it’s funny; my Chloe black studded ankle boots are my security blanket. I’ve probably walked 1,000 miles in them. I’ve had them resoled three times, and when I put them on I just feel like my look is complete. And that’s sort of my go-to. And then I have a black Balenciaga bag that I bought as my first big purchase when I was like 14. I saved all of my money and bought it, and it just reminds me of how much I love that bag and how much I saved for it, and I still love it so much. 

Credits: Aerie Boho Bralette ($20).

Credits: Aerie Emma Lace Trim Pushup Bra ($20).

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?
My mum says, “When in doubt wear black.” So I think it’s important to have a little black dress. But more so lately, a little white dress has become my staple. That’s become my thing lately. I think a little white dress at night, there’s nothing wrong with it at all, especially with a chunky, fun shoe for going out. 

Credits: Aerie Lightweight Knit Duster ($50) in Navy and Emma Lace Trim Pushup Bra ($20).

Credits: Aerie Signature Boybrief ($8) in Heathered Rose?.

What item is on heavy rotation in your wardrobe right now?
I just got this amazing Max Mara purse I’ve been wearing. It’s this gorgeous burgundy colour, and that’s kind of been my transition into fall. And then I love Loeffler Randall, and they have this leopard coat in their fall collection that I’m coveting. I’m on the list, I’m getting that coat. 

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