Audrey Hepburn's Granddaughter Is On Harper's Bazaar's September Issue

In the increasingly celebrity-heavy world of fashion magazines, having anyone even remotely unrecognizable on the cover of a September issue is fairly unheard of. So Harper's Bazaar's recent decision to put 20-year-old Emma Ferrer on the cover of their September's subscriber issue is a pretty big coup, because no one really knows who she is.

No one, of course, except an exclusive group of people who were lucky enough to call Audrey Hepburn their near and dear friend—Ferrer is her paternal granddaughter, the daughter of Sean Ferrer, who is Hepburn's son with actor Mel Ferrer. Ferrer was shot for the September cover of Harper's by Michael Avedon, the grandson of Richard Avedon, who shot Hepburn on numerous occasions.

"Initially, I wasn’t sure,” Ferrer told WWD of being approached to do the cover. “Glenda [Bailey, editor-in-chief] contacted my father with the idea, and explained that Michael Avedon would be the photographer. So understanding that there was this parallel narrative, I was able to approach it as this very meaningful experience."

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