Emily Ratajkowski Predicts Summer's Biggest Shoe Trend

Who better to talk the dos and don’ts of festival style than model and tastemaker Emily Ratajkowski, a Coachella best dressed regular? So that’s just what we did at the PopSugar Friday Night Kick-Off Party at the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs. Before hitting the dance floor, we snagged a few minutes with the beauty to get her thoughts on everything from her weekend essentials to the shoe trend she predicts will be major this season. Keep reading for our exclusive interview.

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On Emily Ratajkowski: Jonathan Simkhai Strapless Cotton-Blend Jacquard Midi Dress ($1995).

WHO WHAT WEAR: What is your music festival hero piece?

EMILY RATAJKOWSKI: It’s funny because I have all these great vintage dresses and stuff, but I’ve already worn these really worn-in vintage jeans twice, so I feel like the truth of the matter is I’m going to end up in those multiple times. They just fit well and they are very comfortable, and I feel like I’ll end up wearing those a lot more than I think.

WWW: What are your number one style dos and don’ts for music festivalgoers?

ER: I’ll start with the don’t, which is it’s not Halloween, so the costume thing is fun, I can appreciate that, but also maybe better to do a more subtle version. Like, take one thing off. Don’t wear the feather and the headdress; just do the feather or whatever. My style do is comfortable shoes. I’m actually wearing boots that I can f*ck up, pardon my French, because I know that it’s dusty. A lot of people wear open-toed shoes thinking it’s going to be hot, but you get stomped on and so dirty, so wear a good pair of boots that can get through the weekend.

WWW: If you had a Coachella survival kit, would what it contain?

ER: In my little bag is my ID and ChapStick. I go real minimal, actually—that’s basically it, and my phone. I think always having a Mophie is smart too.

WWW: You’ve mastered the crop top. What do you think is key to pulling off this look?

ER: I think high-waisted bottoms are always good. And just wear something you are comfortable in, too. The high-waisted thing is really helpful, so you don’t have to think about and feel so naked in a crop top.

WWW: What do you think is going to be the number one shoe style this spring/summer?

ER: Well, I noticed this whole tribal, bright color thing is really happening, which I think is awesome. I’m not sure I can pull it off, but there are some really good Aquazzura sandals with pom-poms. Dolce & Gabbana did a great shoe like that. I think it will be something like that. And maybe a good kitten heel, too.

WWW: Who are you excited to see this weekend?

ER: Well I was lucky enough to be at the Troubador for Guns N’ Roses, so I’m not really worried about seeing them, although I’m sure it will be amazing. I think LCD Soundsystem.

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