Emily Ratajkowski Has Been Quietly Wearing a Diamond Ring on Her Left Hand

Take a quick look at Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram, and a couple of things will stand out: There are bikinis and crop tops aplenty. What you wouldn't notice right away? The model's gorgeous diamond ring we spotted on her left index finger (sans explanation). We can't confirm if it's an engagement ring or not, so we tapped an expert to get the scoop on what it could possibly signify: jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb

"I can't speak to the exact reason she’s wearing what looks to be an engagement ring on her pointer finger, but I can say that I have gotten requests for women to wear their engagement rings on other fingers as a way to be unique," Gottlieb told us. "With bridal, it is very difficult to stand out while still keeping the design classic and timeless, so this could be one way to do it."

Another possible explanation? "I also see a lot of women wearing family heirlooms (that were once engagement rings) as cocktail rings, so that’s another reason why someone might be wearing a diamond ring on a pointer, instead of their ring finger," she told us. 

Plus, Gottlieb shed some light on potential hidden meanings you might never have thought of. "And then if we go down to the spiritual level, the index finger can be associated with self-confidence, leadership, ambition, and spirituality based on palmistry—the art of reading the lines in the hands and fingers," Gottlieb told Who What Wear.

We don't know the backstory behind Ratajkowski's particular ring yet, but you can bet we'll be ogling at the stunning piece of jewelry in the meantime. 

Scroll down to see Emily Ratajkowski's diamond ring on her left index finger.