We See What You're Doing at Cannes, Emily Ratajkowski

When it’s your very first time attending one of the biggest—and best dressed—film festivals in the world, you might want to balance the right amount of daring with a bit of never-fail style. Which is exactly how Emily Ratajkowski seems to be approaching her outfits for Cannes. And for the the latter, foolproof approach, she turned to the iconic French actress who instantly comes to mind at mention of the French Riviera: Brigitte Bardot.

Ratajkowski made a nod in her Instagram story that her teeny-strapped, fitted-bodice, black dress today was an obvious nod to one that Bardot wore in 1956. Furthermore, we couldn't help but notice the coquettish off-the-shoulder top the model wore last night while hanging with Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin was also a nod to Bardot's own neckline choice during her appearance at Cannes in 1955.

We don't blame Ratajkowski for going down this Bardot-inspired route. And we wouldn't be surprised to see much more of it in the coming days. Take a look below for the comparisons.

While we love a good off-duty look, the Cannes red carpet is not to be missed this year