What's the best thing to wear for a long day of shopping?

Whether you're gearing up for Black Friday or just have a few shopping marathons in your near future, we've got you covered. Asking a stylist what to wear shopping is like asking a soldier what to wear in combat, and the answer is simple: it must be strategic, versatile, and appropriate. You need to feel comfortable, but feeling stylish and confident will help you make more fun and fashionable choices, so we suggest leaving your sweats or workout gear at home. Instead, try these five key pieces. Must-Wear #1: Your favorite t-shirt. Start by throwing on your most versatile and comfy tee. It's easy to pull on and off in a changing room, plus it's an ideal layering piece when trying on jackets and sweaters. Opt for neutral colors, perhaps gray, oatmeal, or white. Must-Wear #2: A jean jacket. This classic "third piece" keeps you warm enough in a chilly mall, it's easy to peel off and carry if you warm up, and it has strategic pockets that will keep your credit card handy! Any style will do: boxy, snug, black, or blue. Must-Wear #3: A long knit skirt. Besides being one of our year-round favorite pieces, a long knit skirt is a dream come true for shopping fanatics. Unlike jeans or pants with buttons, zippers, and belts, your skirt can just slip on and off. Go for a column, airy pleats, or even a pull-on pencil skirt, just make sure the hem isn't dragging on the ground, as that can trip you up. Must-Wear # 4: An easy-to-remove bootie. We are perpetual fans of cool, low-profile ankle boots. In this case, pick a pair that won't bother you after a long day on your feet and stay away from styles with lots of straps, buckles, and zippers. You will be happy you have pull-on kicks by the time you hit up your third or fourth shoe department-trust us. A Chelsea boot is good, or you can go a little western. A low-heel snakeskin is interesting or a neutral like olive suede works too. Must-Wear # 5: A cross-body bag. Hands-free shopping is simply imperative. Choose a bag that's easy on the shoulder, but big enough to carry the essentials. We love bags with outside pockets for easy access and a sturdy strap, which is more convenient for hanging on dressing room hooks. While we can't guarantee you'll find what you're looking for, with these key pieces, at least you'll look good while shopping!