Embellished Sneakers: Honestly, I'm on the Fence

When it came time to broach the topic of embellished sneakers, I found myself surprisingly conflicted. I say surprising because usually, when it comes to fashion, I’m pretty cutthroat in my decision making. Whether it’s liking something or not, buying it or not, or endorsing a trend or fashion item right here on Who What Wear or not, I rarely waver.

Why the struggle then? Well, on one hand, I feel like one of the main things I love about the sneaker trend right now, aside from the comfort factor, is that the footwear choice lends a touch of (for lack of a better phrase) DGAF to a look, making you feel a little cooler. Then come the embellished sneakers: still comfortable but less I just threw these on and a little more How about these shoes, huh?

I hope I haven’t lost you. I just guess where I’m torn is on the idea of whether something I have always felt served one purpose could suddenly fill in another. To be honest, I’m still on the fence about this, but since I know that not everybody is, I took the time to round up the embellished sneakers I may wear one day, if I do end up coming around. Shop them below.