Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza Handled a Fashion Nightmare Like Pros

Maybe we’ve watched too many ’90s teen comedies, but the idea of showing up to a big event in the exact same outfit as someone else always sounded like a fashion nightmare. At the very least, it might have if the event you were going to was the prom (which happened to this editor, but hey, I’ve moved on). However, last night co-stars Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza walked onto the same read carpet for the premiere of Ingrid Goes West and that very so-called nightmare occurred. How’d they handle it? Better than most, we’d say.

While Olsen and Plaza were practically identical head-to-toe, from their Marc Jacobs dress to their Sophia Webster pumps, the two took the twinning moment in stride. They pretended to fight for the red carpet cameras and then re-created prom poses. While we’re slightly suspicious if this was purely an accidental twin moment—you know, taking the actresses’ playful senses of humor into account—we enjoyed the scene nonetheless. After all, can’t we all agree this one-time faux pas is actually a very happy surprise?

Scroll down to see how Olsen and Plaza played out the accident… or the bit—you can decide.

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