I'm Not Surprised These Sunglasses Sold Out in 2 Days



After months and months of deliberating, I finally decided I was ready to attempt the tiny oval sunglasses trend. The trend Kendall Jenner has been championing for about a year, but I've been too nervous to attempt (I'm so loyal to my oversized shades). It's a known fact (in fashion circles at least) that Jenner is a huge fan of the Elizabeth and James's McKinley Oval Sunglasses, and with her stamp of approval, plus that of the Olsen twins (the designers behind Elizabeth and James), I was ready to finally give in and retire my oversized shades.

I spotted the sunglasses in question on The UNDONE's Instagram page, and found out the McKinleys consistently sell-out, most recently in only two days. And I'm not surprised. The trend is quickly going mainstream, with more and more people ready to give up the styles they're used to, in order to try something fresh. 

The McKinleys are currently available for pre-order on The UNDONE—and I recommend securing yours for summer, before it's too late.

Keep scrolling to peep the sunglasses and sign up for the waitlist.

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