4 Style Moves We're Stealing From This Malaysian Star

A few days ago, we spotted an unfamiliar name in familiar territory. Vogue brought Elmira Loy to our attention, calling her "Malaysia's answer to Selena Gomez." But while 23-year-old Loy has certainly gained major celebrity thanks to over 10 years of acting experience—for shows including Qalesya, Waktu Rehat, and Demi Dia, in case you’re familiar—what stood out to us was her experience in piecing together looks. Instantly, we took notes.

While Loy, who is Muslim and wears a hijab regularly, has a modest sense of style, the appeal of her outfits is really quite universal. In particular, we found four clever tricks across the actress turned fashion designer's Instagram that will help inform our own future looks.

Scroll down to meet the Malaysian star, follow along with her creative layering firsthand, and shop one of Loy's go-to trends: the statement sleeve.