The Unknown French Actress We're Channeling Right Now

I recently came across photographs of a strikingly beautiful girl. After a bit (okay, a lot) of digging around, I came to find that she was an actress I had never heard of before, Eleonore Klarwein. Born in Paris and more widely known for her role in the 1977 cult film Peppermint Soda (or Diabolo Menthe), she also did a fair amount of modeling. But what drew me more instinctively to her was her almost Jane Birkin–esque appearance. Adorned with endearing freckles and simple straight hair with bangs, she has a look I can't help but want to imitate. And I'm betting you do too.  Scroll through the pictures I could find of her, and if you’ve heard of Eleonore Klarwein before, share your thoughts in the comments as well!