What Our Editors Wore to Their Who What Wear Interviews

Dressing the part for a job interview can be one of the most daunting—and dare we say confusing—tasks to master. With so much advice and “do this, not that” wisdom floating around, the mission for a perfect interview outfit can leave your head spinning. Should you wear prints? What color will make you stand out most? The questions abound. So rather than preach just another tip or two, we editors decided to fess up and dish on what we actually wore to our Who What Wear job interviews. Because, hey, it seemed to work!

Keep reading to find out what we wore to our job interviews at Who What Wear. Plus, shop the looks to get them yourself!


"I remember there were several other girls waiting in the reception area to be called in for their interview for Katherine Power's assistant, which always amps up the anxiety. Despite my nerves, I was proud of my outfit at the time. I wore a navy Zara tuxedo blazer, a vintage silk white blouse, forest green J.Crew trousers, and a pair of navy silk Lanvin heels with ribbon ankle ties. The mismatched yet coordinating suit made me feel confident, which I think played a part in landing my dream job."

“I actually ended up changing my outfit at the last minute! I had it all planned out and then decided that I hated it and threw together a new outfit in a panic. I wore a black sleeveless dress over a printed Equipment blouse that I buttoned up to the top, black tights, black suede pumps, and a cobalt blue Loeffler Randall handbag. I ended up really liking it, which is lucky since I didn't have time to change my mind!”

“Since I'm based in New York, my interview was actually over Skype—so really, it was only up top that really mattered. I wore my favorite white button-down, buttoned all the way to the top (because it’s chicer that way), and draped a sleek moto jacket over my shoulders to act as a cool update to the classic blazer. Clearly, it worked!”

“My Who What Wear job interview was actually kind of a pop-up interview. I was interning at the time and got called in to meet with the co-founder a few days earlier than I had expected to. That said, I liked my outfit but wouldn't call it ‘professional,’ per se. I was wearing black mule heels, black cropped and ankle-frayed jeans, a graphic muscle tee with Willie Nelson on it (yes, that's right), and a black moto jacket. I wouldn't recommend that approach, though, so if I had to do it again, I'd opt for a printed midi skirt, a white button-down shirt, and pumps.”

"For my first interview with Hillary Kerr, I wore an emerald green scoop-neck dress from Anthropologie that cinched at the waist, with black ankle booties. When I got called back for a second interview with Katherine Power and our COO at the time, I happened to be on set for a photo shoot. Luckily, I had a black blazer and heels in my car!"

“I had spent a good amount of time shopping for the perfect outfit before my interview, but, as life goes, the weather forecast changed on me the day of my interview, and I ended up scrapping the whole thing. Instead, I kept it simple with a high-neckline swing dress in a small black-and-white print, black leather booties (because it was a rare rainy day in Los Angeles), and a boyfriend blazer on top. Honestly, changing into clothes that I already owned was probably the best decision because in turn I felt comfortable, natural, and most myself.”

"When I had my first interview with our editorial director via Skype, I was in the middle of sitting shivah for my dad, and needless to say, I was not at my prime in any sense. But when you really want something, you rally, so that's what I did—and dressing the part was a major factor in that. I wore a simple but nicer-than-usual outfit: cropped black trousers, a silk white sleeveless top with wide straps, and a cozy scarf for good measure (it was winter, and don't ask me why, but scarves have always made me feel more secure). This, plus a full face of makeup, boosted my confidence tenfold, and, quite frankly, got my mind off of an awful situation. If that isn't proof of clothing's power, I'm not sure what is!"

"Picking out my outfit for my Who What Wear interview was a major undertaking. At the time, I lived in New York, and I had a very specific goal in mind for my look. I wanted to communicate that I possessed NYC-bred levels of toughness but also that I was ready for a move to the far more laid-back California (where WWW is based). I spent an entire day shopping the boutiques and shops in Manhattan's West Village, Chelsea, and Meatpacking neighborhoods and finally put together what I felt would convey those moods: a pair of black Michael Kors track pants and strappy nude sandals topped with a floral blouse (from Levi's of all places!). In retrospect, I'm not sure my look communicated what I wanted it to, but I got the job, so—no regrets!”

“I kept it simple with a black button-up blouse and dark skinny jeans. But I can't remember the shoes for the life of me!”

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