9 Pieces Our Editor Is Buying This Month

So here we are. The last month of winter. I'm pretty sure we've exhausted all our options when it comes to buying clothes and accessories to beat the chill. Splashing cash on another coat or knitted turtleneck just isn't fun anymore, which is why this month, I'm looking towards the impending season change and prepping my wardrobe for spring.

What's at the top of my list? Pieces that I can wear now, and wear later. August is actually the best time to go shopping (in my opinion). Spring collections are dropping into store and the season change from cold to warm is almost too exciting to bear.

If you’re not sure what to start building your new season wardrobe from, make your first purchase a slip dress. It will become the core piece, and you can build countless outfits around it (see here, and here).

Keep scrolling to see what I’m shopping for this month.

As the weather starts to heat up, I look for pieces with clever details like a hidden slash or cut-out.

When I was a kid, I wore these to swimming lessons. Now, I will wear them to cafe's on weekends.

It makes good sense to invest in a few different pairs of sunglasses. They can completely change your whole outfit vibe.

I'm not ready to give up the turtleneck just yet, so this gives me the best of both worlds.

Winter's almost over, which means I'm about to get out of hibernation and start seeing my pals again. Need a fun, shiny clutch to celebrate.

I will love chokers forever, but they are becoming a little ubiquitous (I still love you, choker! Forever! I promise!). But this knotted leather version feels so new and fresh. Boom.

I will be making this the backbone of my spring wardrobe (hence the splurge).

I love how from front on, these earrings look like a metallic sliver, and yet from the side, they really make a statement.

A white skirt is just the refresh my wardrobe needs.

What will you be shopping this month? Share in the comments below!

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