One Editor Calls This "the World’s Best Strapless Bra"

Among the many woes women suffer in the name of fashion, unruly undergarments are one of the most troublesom. The worst culprit when it comes to this category arguably would be the strapless bra. You usually need to wear one with all those cute summer off-the-shoulder and strapless tops, but instead of proudly showing off your look, you might end up worrying about your bra falling down the whole day. What's a girl to do? That's where our friends at SheFinds come in. Editor Justine Ingeroll Schwartz did all the legwork for us, and she found the world's best strapless bra.

While she had a couple other contenders, this style from Yummie by Heather Thomson won out for a few reasons. Firstly, it's convertible, and it comes with removable bra straps for when you inevitably decide it's such a great bra that you want to wear it with your non-strapless items, too. Secondly, it has no front or back closure, which means it will remain totally seamless under your clothes. Finally, it has great reviews. In addition to this editor, customers both on Nordstrom and Bloomingdales left overwhelmingly positive reviews, citing how comfortable it is in comparison to other strapless styles. Are you convinced yet?

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