No Lie: 171 Million People Shop on This Cult Site


Style du Monde

Online shopping is a tough sport to play. As customers, we chase every major sale, set email alerts for when sold-out items are restocked, and always go for the retailer with the free shipping promo. But being in the business of selling clothing and accessories online is even more competitive. Major retailers are always vying for our attention by offering more brands and bragging about how you won't find certain brands on any other site. That last bit is critical in an online-retail game where the luxury brands are hypercritical of which sites to sell their pieces.

With that in mind, the next place you'll be able to shop a Prada bag or Saint Laurent heels might surprise you: The shopping app Spring announced its partnership with eBay yesterday, as Racked reports. From a fashion perspective, this may come as a shock. But from the business side of things, it was kind of a power move on eBay's part, giving retail giant Amazon a run for its money (as of now, the latter does not carry luxury labels). According to Racked, Spring's decision to "[turn] to eBay makes sense: The 22-year-old company has 171 million active users and drives tens of billions of dollars in sales across all categories." The startup shopping app has had a shaky year financially, and eBay represents a huge, untapped market for the fashion-forward assortment.

What do you think of this partnership? Will you give eBay a try for your next designer purchase? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!