5 Surefire Style Tricks to Help You Stand Out in a Bar

While your personality is what will ultimately land you a Saturday date after a Friday night out with your girlfriends, it's your appearance that'll nab that first look from across the room. And although you probably know what clothes work best for you, something new never hurt anyone, right? Especially if the outfit in question will make you stand out that much more.

To give you a sense of the style tricks we think will get you noticed, we rounded up five surefire tricks to catch the eye of the one.

Keep scrolling for shopping ideas—and make your next night out that much better.

A top with an interesting back will get you noticed—even if your back is turned while you're ordering a drink from the bar.

Don't forget about your feet! Someone is bound to look at your shoes when you're on the dance floor.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but bolder colors will definitely get you noticed more than something basic (unless that basic has another interesting feature).

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