The 4 Easiest Trends for Real Women to Pull Off

The thing about most fashion trends is that while they're fun to lust after, they can be more difficult to pull off IRL. Case in point: Thigh-high boots are having a huge moment right now, and they look ultra-fab in photos—but how realistic are they for women with real jobs, families, and lives to tend to?

As real women ourselves, we think it's helpful to pare down the big wide world of current fashion trends to a select few that real ladies can wear in the real world. These are all ultra-current, easy-to-wear trends that will instantly elevate your look and make all the people in your life go, "Damn, girl, you're looking good lately!"

Keep scrolling to learn how you wear four easy trends that real women can totally pull off!

Main image by Jessie Bush from We The People.

Which is your favourite current trend to try in real life? We're super into sneakers. Tell us yours in the comments below!

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