Bella Hadid Wore the Trend Everyone Declared "Over"

Bella Hadid is quickly proving herself to be a trailblazer, as opposed to a follower, when it comes to trends. The latest example of this comes via the decidedly chic outfit Hadid wore to exit yesterday's Chanel show (the It model has been stepping up her sartorial game even more so than usual while in Paris for Couture Fashion Week). The outfit consisted of the simple combination of a sweaterdress and over-the-knee boots, a look that falls under the definition of lampshading. What stood out about the look was the distinctly early-2000s era cowl-neck of the Céline dress. This droopy-fabric detail was declared "out" years ago and save for a few recent hints of its return, no one has been wearing it as of late. 

That said, Hadid clearly pulled the look off, and we've come to the conclusion that it's because of the type of cowl-neck she wore. It stays close to the neck as opposed to drooping at the chest, making it look cool and cozy as opposed to unflattering. While it remains to be seen whether or not the cowl neck is the next early-2000s trend to reemerge, Hadid is making a strong case for it via her updated take on the forgotten trend.

Check out her look, and shop cowl-neck pieces that are actually cool below!

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