The Unexpected Style Benefit of Moving to New York

When I first left California for New York City, my complaints racked up quickly. My closet was barely a closet, which meant that anything I wasn't planning to wear in the next few weeks was stuffed in a suitcase under my bed. And since I moved December 1, one of the things that hit me hardest was the winter weather. Before my move, seasons were merely slight fluctuations, and then suddenly I was living through the polar vortex. Let's just say it took some major adjusting to find my new normal. But after I got over the initial shocks of life across the country, I found that New York gave me a whole new appreciation for the clothes I own.

As my first NYC winter came to an end, I got ready to pack my turtlenecks and scarves away. I dusted off the suitcases under my bed, which were brimming with the tank tops, dresses, and sandals I'd kept tucked away for awhile. I hadn't worn or seen these clothes in a few months, and I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon warm-weather favorites I'd had to retire (since Birkenstocks and blizzards don't mix). 

While in California, the same wardrobe (plus or minus a sweater) can basically pass any time of year, moving to the East Coast educated me in the art of the seasonal wardrobe. In New York, twice a year I swap out my wardrobe and reacquaint myself with the things I love but can only wear for something close to 180 days. Switching between wardrobes allows me to find excitement in the things I own, because having two sets of clothing is infinitely better than having just one. 

See the difference in seasonal styles below, and since summer is coming, shop a few of our favorite warm-weather picks below!

Photo: A Love Is Blind
Photo: A Love Is Blind