A Winter Style Trick That Maximizes Your Closet for $0

The shift in seasons brings the feeling of a new beginning—a fresh start. We’re talking literally here—leaves changing colors, the first snowfall—but also with fashion. While it’s exciting to wear a completely different part of your wardrobe (i.e. sweaters rather than summer tanks), it can sometimes be frustrating knowing that an entire chunk of your closet is basically useless for months at a time.

Fortunately, there are styling tricks that allow you to maximize your closet without adding more seasonally appropriate items. One of our favorite tips of the moment? The layered outerwear look. Rather than leaving your spring jackets hanging off to the side, utilize them by layering them under your winter coat this season. If you go for one of your slimmer styles (think moto or denim jackets), you won’t add extra bulk—just extra warmth!

Keep scrolling to check out five different ways street style stars are testing out this trick—and go a bit further to shop some of our favorite lightweight jackets and coats, if you’re in the market for something new.

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