The $3 Item I Won't Leave Home Without

Wearing all white is the key to surviving summer in style and (mostly) sweat-free. But for me, there's a certain danger that comes with wearing the hue. Inevitably, five minutes into my Sriracha-slathered lunch or my happy-hour glass of cabernet, a spot of something dark and ominous appears on my sparkling-clean whites.

Luckily I've found an easy and affordable solution to the issue: I always keep a Tide to Go pen in my purse. It's compact and manages to get most major stains out for good (unlike when I pat them with water). So while I fully advocate keeping hot sauce in your bag, you might want to consider adding this handy stain-remover too. 

Read on to shop the little style-saver for yourself, and to shop white pieces that will now definitely stay that way!

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Opening Image: Collage Vintage