Hologram Clutch

With this month's Look We Love story in mind, there's no question your WWW editors are in the midst of a love affair with holograms. But of all the stylish prismatic pieces currently available on the market, Stella McCartney's Olegram Hologram Clutch ($590) is at the top of our wish list. Thanks to its rainbow-like luster, the clutch hits perfectly on the season's futuristic look and is sure to be a show-stopping addition to anyone's closet. However, with our winter wardrobe budget currently on hold for holiday gifts, we've decided to embrace a more creative route to get the look, hence this month's Do It Yourself project!

McCartney's ultra-modern carrier was a knockout at her Resort 13 show, and we recognize its potential to be the season's go-to holiday party clutch. Accordingly, we called on our favorite DIY guru, Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, to show us step by step how to craft our own inspired-by bag-it's surprisingly easy to make! Read on for ingredient details and instructions, and don't forget to show us your hologram clutch on Twitter.--Nicole Shoohed

-Plastic Envelope with Velcro Closure ($2) in Clear
-3 24"x12" Holographic Decal Adhesive-Backed Sticker Films ($4 each)
-Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker ($1)

1. On a flat surface, place the clear envelope on top of the self-adhesive film. Make sure the hologram side is face down.

2. Trace around the envelope using a fine-point marker, and cut around all sides. You should have a total of three cutouts: one for the front of the envelope, one for the backside, and one for the flap.

3. Remove the film sticker from the adhesive and place it onto the envelope carefully.

4. To ensure a clean look, trim any excess film on the edges.