Every Look From the Stunning DKNY Show

Inspired by "strong girl bands for the 90’s who were able to show sexuality with a tomboy feel, all the while making a statement through both style and messaging,” creative directors, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne presented a flawless collection during New York Fashion Week. They continued to explore what they had built in the first season—deconstruction, tailoring, and pinstripes— all while making it playful. The collection offers the DKNY woman a handful of loose and layered clothing. From a black plaid needle punch sweatshirt dress to a scarlet red deconstructed slip dress layered over a scarlet red shirtdress. Chow and Osborne really mastered the dark feel while making each piece feel elegant and that much more attractive.

Click through the below slideshow to see the entire collection and after, head here to shop DKNY's spring pieces.

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Opening Image: @dkny