Proenza Schouler S/S 10

Though we never met a Proenza Schouler collection we didn't like, we were particularly taken by the designer duo's S/S 10 show. Drawing inspiration from the worlds of surfing and skating, the minds behind this cult label-fashion-world darlings Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez-created a high energy, fun, and tomboy-meets-girly presentation that was undoubtedly one of their very best. The creative pair experimented with pieces that were brilliantly tied and dyed, but kept the patterns and tailoring sporty and marvelously modern-not like the hippie-splattered pieces we remembered from day camp. The snug tops and flouncy, voluminous skirts were styled to perfection, and the technicolor neon palette felt decidedly of-the-moment. In fact, our hearts were aflutter when we first set our eyes on the Tie-Dyed Long-Sleeve Shirt ($375), the Sleeveless Tie-Dyed Mini Dress ($2760), and the Cowl-Back Mini Dress ($1520), as they are the ideal way to sweep some much-needed sunshine into our winter wardrobe!

Of course, each piece is a serious investment. Granted Proenza Schouler is always spot-on and the craftsmanship is near perfection, but forking over the equivalent of a rent check for your favorite off-the-runway garments can be a little unrealistic. So we started thinking, if we could get our hands on a few crafty ingredients (rubber bands, rubber gloves, Tulip fashion dye, and some old newspapers to cover your work space!) and rework some of our closet staples (there was a button-down and a long sleeve shirt in our armoire begging for a revamp!), could we (some of the most fanatical fashion followers/least handy people) make this style at home? Thankfully, the answer is yes we can! All that's required is a little step-by-step guidance from Erica Domesek, the one-woman-wonder behind P.S. I Made This!

While each look from this Proenza Schouler collection was certainly covetable, there were two pieces we really wanted to try and recreate at home. First up: the Safari Shirtdress ($1275), which was meant to mimic the way in which skaters tie their track jackets around their waist. We love a frock, but we opted for an easier-to-wear oxford instead, which will surely make your favorite jeans-and-tee outfit feel a bit more up-to-date this spring. Secondly, we opted for another editor, buyer, and fan favorite: the Silk Knit Jacquard Sweater ($1355). Both items were perfectly executed in Erica's deft DIY hands and, best of all, the process was a snap!

If you're ready to try your hand at crafting one of these homemade creations, please read on to get all of the step-by-step information about this how-to in our inaugural Do It Yourself feature. And remember to check out P.S. I Made This, as it not only has additional details about today's project, but is also filled with lots of adorable easy-to-do ideas!-Kate Mulling


-Rubber Bands
-Rubber Gloves
- Tulip Tie Dye ($5) in Turquoise and Blue
-American Apparel Unisex Oxford Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt ($54)

1. Gather small sections of the shirt (on both front and the back) into little peaks. Secure each one with a rubber band, wrapping the band around the section several times. Repeat this step all over the button-down shirt. (The sections can be spaced sporadically, just make sure you have about 15 in total, including a couple on each arm.)
2. Put on gloves to avoid getting inky hands! Pour the Turquoise fashion dye all over the shirt until it is completely and evenly saturated. Alternatively, submerge the shirt in a bucket of dye for approximately 10 minutes. Make sure to squeeze out the excess dye.
3. Take your darker contrasting shade of Blue fashion dye and add sporadic dots and drips around the rubber bands on the garment. Keep in mind that the dye will bleed, a little goes a long way!
4. Finally, remove the rubber bands and hang to dry. (Erica recommends you wait three days to wash it. When you do, just follow the instructions on the shirt's label, and, to be safe, wash it in like colors or all alone!)


-Rubber Gloves
- Tulip Tie Dye ($5) in Black, Blue, and Yellow
-American Apparel Sheer Jersey Long Sleeve Tee ($26)

1. Lay the shirt down on a flat surface. Insert a piece of cardboard in between the layers, so the dye does not bleed through from the front to the back!
2. Spray sides of the shirt with the Yellow fashion dye creating two outer panels of color.
3. Spray the middle section of the shirt with the darker contrasting color (in this case, the Blue fashion dye). It's ok if the color overlaps a little bit-we think the bleeding looks cool!
4. Let it dry flat (for approximately thirty minutes; it's ok if it's a bit damp, as it will help the color bleed) and repeat first three steps on the backside of the shirt.
5. Once it has dried, gather the shirt in very thin vertical sections, grabbing from the neck and the bottom of the shirt (to create an accordion effect!)
6. Finally, make thin horizontal lines with the Black fashion dye (with tip applicator) across the gathered accordion surface using the tip of your tie dye bottle nozzle. Repeat on the sleeves.
7. Again, our master crafter recommends you wait for the shirt to dry for three days before washing, according to the directions on the tag. For peace of mind, wash it in like colors or all by itself first!