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DIY embroidery? Yeah, it's a thing. Whether you're artsy and inventive or not, it's an attainable project, and it's one that can take the more basic items in your closet from zero to 100 in a flash. When it comes to embroidery, there's one brand that really stands out among the rest, and that is Double Trouble Gang. Known for its simple yet stunning designs on T-shirts and sweatshirts alike, it seems like these days you can't scroll through Instagram without stumbling across a photo of these adorable pieces.

But guess what? Zoe Miller, director of Double Trouble Gang, informed us that with the right tools and patience, DIY embroidery is actually extremely accessible. I decided to ask Miller a few questions (as a non-crafty woman) on what at-home embroidery really looks like, what to expect, and received a handful of tips and tricks along the way. And don't worry, if you're just here to shop pre-embroidered pieces, we have those here for you as well for your shopping pleasure. Go on to read what Zoe Miller, Director of Double Trouble Gang, has to say about DIY embroidery.

WHO WHAT WEAR: For people who want to take a stab at DIY embroidery, what basics should they know?

ZOE MILLER: Definitely invest in good quality materials and take your time—both are super important in getting the embroidery just right. Also, practice makes perfect, so have a few goes at it first before you head straight into embroidering a garment.

WWW: What articles of clothing and accessories do you think are the easiest to embroider?

ZM: The basics! Think tees, sweaters, and denim.

WWW: Do you have to be artistically talented to embroider things?

ZM: Not at all! If you’re not sure where to begin, your initials or name are both great starting points.

WWW: Is there a certain kind of thread you recommend people use?

ZM: As good a quality as possible! It really is important to utilize great materials, as they’ll last the longest.

WWW: Is DIY embroidery something people should do by hand or via a sewing machine?

ZM: Either! By hand is most likely going to be easiest, as you’ll have the freedom of movement, though perhaps I’m biased because it’s laughable how tragic I am at using a sewing machine.

WWW: Where do you draw inspiration from for your embroideries sold on Double Trouble Gang?

ZM: Double Trouble is a celebration of pop-culture references, movie quotes and girl-power anthems—think equal parts femme fatale and off-duty cool.

WWW: What challenges should people expect while embroidering something on their own?

ZM: Like all good things, it takes time!

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