Your Closet Is Missing These Distressed Denim Jackets


Collage Vintage 

Distressed denim jackets are to outerwear as perfectly dirty Converse are to footwear. In other words, that comfortably lived-in look is something fashion girls never take for granted. And speaking of which, distressed denim jackets are actually harder to come by than you might think. Yes, normal denim jackets are sold just about everywhere these days, but finding one that has just the right amount of wear and tear is quite the challenge. 

Ahead, we have rounded up seven of our favorite distressed denim jackets ranging from ultra-disheveled to barely touched. We recommend styling this jacket with an all-black look, floral midi dress, or even with your favorite pair of track pants. When it comes to this trend, your styling options are endless, and we can't wait for you to finally own one of your very own. 

Keep reading to shop the distressed denim jackets we are loving right now.