Dior's Latest Collection Welcomes A Resurrection of This Trend

>Bohemian style is a trend that never fully disappears. It's popularity ebbs and flows. And coming off of a year when sneakers, leggings, and all things athleisure were ubiquitous, the arrival of Dior's Pre-Fall 17 collection, which embraces romantic style, comes just in time.

>Everything about Dior in the last several months has seemed like a breath of fresh air. The first female Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, stepped in, the brand took a stance on female empowerment, and even the gowns seemed to make wearers look like they were floating rather than walking across the red carpet. Now, the new designs for pre-fall welcome back tassel-lined dresses, dizzyingly pretty prints, crocheted patterns, and long, thin chains of gold that accent the looks. And because the Dior woman is far from one-note, this Bohemian collection also feels grounded in leather, denim, and impeccable tailoring. (What else would you expect from Dior?) Plus, the unforgettable "We should all be feminists" shirts make a return, and we have a feeling they might be sticking around for a while.

>Check out some of the key pieces from Dior that have us anticipating a Bohemian revival ASAP.

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