The Difference Between French and NYC Style, From a VS Pink Model


Timur Emek/Getty

If there are two approaches to fashion we'll never stop being fascinated by, it's French-girl style and model-off-duty style. Both inimitably effortless and always so cool, the two dressing techniques have long been sought-after styles for any fashion girl. One of the fashion industry's most successful fresh-faced newcomers has proven her prowess in working both looks as she travels the globe. While catching up with top model Grace Elizabeth, the face of Victoria's Secret Pink, at a pool party she was hosting in Palm Springs, we talked about how her style has evolved since exploding onto the fashion scene.

The Florida native—who confesses she used to wear "nothing but boot-cut jeans, boots, and a T-shirt"—is one of the most in-demand newcomers in the industry, walking the top runways at New York and Paris fashion week, and regularly traveling the world for shoots. Elizabeth has swiftly adjusted to the fast-paced fashion life, and her style has been quick to match. Having mastered effortless off-duty style, no matter what city she finds herself in, Elizabeth filled us in on the difference between French and NYC style and how she switches up her look between the two cities.

"It's all different. In New York, it's more edgy street kid," she says of her go-to off-duty look while in the city. "I'm always in denim, black jeans, or ripped-up leather jeans, sheer turtlenecks, and things like that." But when she crosses the Atlantic, Elizabeth's street style becomes a bit more elevated with European sensibilities. "In Paris, I wear more tapered pants and maybe a nice Saint Laurent jacket that's fitted and has some nice little buttons." Though the model looks right at home in the more tailored look, when she goes back to her Florida roots, "it's a whole other ballgame," she explains. "If you're not wearing jeans and boots, you're not from there. So the whole tapered pants thing doesn't work there."

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