Diane Kruger Is Bringing Back Your Favorite Boots From 2004

If the idea of Western wear conjures up images of cowboy hats and horseback riding, we get it. There's something kitschy and nostalgic about the look of the wild, wild West. But pulling off the style doesn't have to feel cheesy or forced, just look to Diane Kruger and you'll see exactly what we mean.

While grocery shopping in NYC, Kruger gave the trend a cool twist. She opted for a plaid Levi's jacket, cropped jeans, and Western-inspired ankle boots. While her jacket and boots touch on the trend, modern details like her of-the-moment denim, and swapping a tall boot for an ankle style mean she's all set to navigate city life in style. So no matter if you're an NYC girl or live somewhere a little closer to the great outdoors, take your cues from Diane and give the Western look a spin.

Read on to check out Diane Kruger's take on Western wear, and shop boots inspired by her look!