3 Non-Aging Pieces Diane Kruger Always Wears

Diane Kruger is 41 years old today, which is a bit shocking considering that she looks a good 10 years younger, in our opinion. The German-born actress simply doesn't seem to age, which is undoubtedly partially thanks to genetics and a stellar skincare regimen (our sister site Byrdie can tell you about that). But the ultra-stylish star also has it figured out when it comes to how to dress both appropriately for your age while still keeping her wardrobe fun and youthful. 

In the years since she rose to fame, Kruger has proven she's clearly a fashion girl with a signature sense of style (effortlessly European with a hint of California girl), and we've noticed there are certain non-aging things in her wardrobe that she always wears. In fact, you probably already have these basics in your closet.

With that, keep scrolling to see (and shop) the non-aging pieces that birthday girl Diane Kruger wears on repeat.