This Unexpected Accessory Will Make Your T-Shirt and Chucks Look Cool

We’ve all had those days where dressing up isn’t in the cards, whether it’s our mood or lack of time. Either way, when these times strike, we can always rely on a trusty white T-shirt and a pair of old-school Chuck Taylors, which is just what Diane Kruger did this week. While out and about in the Big Apple, the fashion-forward actress donned a crisp white tee, distressed denim shorts, and high-top sneakers.

The laid-back look was just what we would have chosen, given the severe East Coast heat right now—but Kruger, of course, kicked things up a notch in the style department. Her sleek black newsboy cap instantly and seamlessly polished her casual outfit without looking out of place. We’ve seen her embrace the classic hat in the past, so we’re not surprised that her styling trick was back in action again to polish her look. A hat tip is in order, indeed.

Check out Diane Kruger’s summer-worthy, relaxed look below and keep scrolling to shop a newsboy cap inspired by hers.


J. Webber/Splash News

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