The New Online Store Every Sydney Girl Is Shopping



You know those girls who always seem to have the little details just right? They’re the subtle additions like a pair of gold earrings (which always happen to be vintage), or the way a silk shirt is tucked into high-waisted jeans. It’s little moments like these that constantly reignite my love for fashion—keeping it interesting and unique.

Ex-Elle Australia fashion editor Dee Jenner, has just launched a new online store, Details, devoted to expertly curated vintage finds, and those little details that keep fashion interesting.

To celebrate the site’s launch, I caught up with Jenner over email to find out more. Keep scrolling to read our interview, and shop my favourite pieces.

WHO WHAT WEAR AUSTRALIA: What made you decide to launch Details? Has it been a long time coming?

Dee Jenner: I’d been day dreaming about a little space to sell vintage pieces for quite awhile. I spent the last seven years working in magazines as a fashion editor which I absolutely loved. I learnt so much and worked with lots of inspiring people but last year I decided to leave my position at Elle Australia to spend six months travelling the world with my boyfriend. We had been saving for a house deposit but the market in Sydney was so disheartening that we decided to pack up our life, sell our possessions and just go!

I thought a lot about the idea of a store while on the road and sought out interesting retail spaces for inspiration everywhere we went—Birthdeath in Tokyo, Passenger in LA and Blue Dream in New Orleans were highlights. However it was the time spent in nature, particularly the Peruvian amazon, that was really the lightbulb moment for me. I started to think more about the environment and the impact we as humans are having on the planet. 

Details is the result of merging my experiences in the fashion industry with a love of collecting little treasures and a desire to leave a lighter footprint on the earth.

I started to think more about the environment and the impact we as humans are having on the planet. 

WWW: Where do you source your product?

DJ: There are pieces found in the manic and historic medina of Marrakech, from a day trawling the maze-like Rose Bowl flea markets in the hot LA sun and discovered through visits to my local Vinnies. I love scouring op shops, markets, garage sales, friends (and their parents!) wardrobes. Truly, these pieces come from anywhere and everywhere. I tend to veer towards natural fabrics, muted colours, made to last denim and of course, a touch of gold always catches my eye. 

It’s contradiction that makes her interesting.

WWW: Who is “Details” girl?

DJ: She appreciates a simple aesthetic with hints of nostalgia—you might catch her shooting film or pinning images of Jane Birkin. She cares about how she looks but she cares about other things too, preferring to buying pieces with a story attached, rather than always wanting something brand new. And finally she likes easy dressing—a great pair of jeans and a T-shirt but with an amazing pair of earrings, or maybe she’d wear a pretty little slip dress with scuffed up sneakers. 

It’s contradiction that makes her interesting.

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