Rick Owens Is Selling a Skateboard Made of Petrified Wood for $15,000

Down here on planet Earth, if a designer releases a $15,000 skateboard, we assume no one is really buying it. But apparently, they are! New York-based avant-garde designer Rick Owens created a skateboard made of petrified wood that he is selling for $15,000, and it is almost sold out

Who's buying these insanely expensive luxury sporting items, you might ask? We have absolutely no idea, but we'd be more than willing to guess Kanye West is on the list. The Owens skateboard got us wondering about what other absurdly expensive designer sporting accessories are out there, so we did a bit of research.

From a $7,000 Chanel surfboard to a pair of Saint Laurent roller skates, there's no shortage of big-name leisure items out there. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites!