5 Tips to Remember When Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

While tradition dictates that the person who proposes is responsible for picking out an appropriate token of their love, modern engagement techniques tend to differ. Nowadays, significant others want to have a say in the design of their engagement rings, and we think this perspective makes sense. If you're going to wear a piece of jewelry for a long time, it's only reasonable you should love it too, right?

When you're able to provide input on the design of your ring, you're more likely to enjoy the results. But with such a modern approach to the engagement process, it's important to listen to the experts so you get the bauble you want—without hurting any feelings along the way.

If you're thinking about creating your own sparkler, we have some tried-and-true advice on how to do it right. Keep scrolling for five must-know tips to remember when designing your own engagement ring!

Talk to your partner about it first

It might sound like a given, but make sure you have an open conversation about your desire to help design your ring before he or she goes out hunting for the perfect jewel for you. If he or she knows what you want ahead of time, you both will avoid a potentially awkward and painful situation.

Pick your desired stone(s) first

Whether you want a massive diamond solitaire or something a bit more nontraditional, it's a smart idea to key in on the stones you want before you pick out any other part of the ring. Whether you have only one or hundreds of smaller ones, the stones are the main attraction of any ring, not the other way around. Every other aspect of the ring should keep the focus on them.

Then find an amazing designer you love

After you have your stones secured, you might think you already know which metal and setting you want. We'd recommend, instead, diving into Pinterest or Instagram to hunt down designers who do custom work. You might be inspired to pursue something different than what you thought you wanted! (We discovered NYC-based designer Anna Sheffield on Instagram, for instance, and we're obsessed.) 

Stay intimate with the process

You have the stones you want, and you've hired a designer. It might be tempting to let go of the reigns here, especially if you're deep into planning a wedding. (Stress, anyone?) But if you want to be truly happy with the end result, you're going to want to stay involved. Send the designer everything that inspires you, talk with her on a regular basis, and even go visit her studio if possible. Don't be pushy about it—but don't go silent, either.

Remain calm

Above all else, try to keep your cool throughout the process. It can be nerve-wracking: You have a specific vision in mind, and you're trusting another person to execute that vision exactly as you want it. If you picked the right stones, and you're working with the right designer, trust that it's all going to turn out how you want it. And if it doesn't, you can always make changes. And remember that when it's all over, you're going to have a unique ring you can enjoy your entire life!

Do you think you want to design your own engagement ring, if you get engaged? Tell us in the comments below!