The Denim Trend That's Coming Back From the Dead for 2017

T minus 17 days until the calendar flips over to 2017. Is your wardrobe ready? If you're curious about next year's biggest trends, you may be interested in the controversial look Alexa Chung is predicting.  

In a new interview with Elle, Chung was asked about the future of denim in 2017 and offered her take: "We've had distressed edges. We've had culottes," she told the magazine. "We've had high waisted jeans, we've seen the heralding of the new bootcut back again. I'm so sorry to say this to you, but the only way forward is ultra-hipsters, you know? Like super-low cut, low-rider jeans, to the extreme."

When Elle editor Faran Krentcil asked if she was referring to the low-rise "bumsters" Alexander McQueen made famous in 1996, Chung confirmed that she thinks they will indeed make a comeback: "It's not now," she said. "But in a year, those will be back. It's the only way forward." The only question is: Are you ready for it? 

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