Need Jeans Help? Here's Your Definitive Guide to Denim

Just call it the Year of Denim! Here at Who What Wear, we spent a large portion of 2014 talking about denim, figuring out hacks, and providing you with styling tips. Read on for some of our favorite denim stories of the year!

1. First things first: Denim 101. We gave you this handy guide to styling literally every single pair of jeans in your closet.

2. We shared that this new denim style might just be replacing your skinny jeans very, very soon.

3. We got in on the never-ending debate over whether you should really be washing your jeans, and if so, how often.

4.  We shared three super-simple tips for finding the best vintage denim pieces.

5. We debated just how stylish so-called mom jeans really are.

6. We gave you the denim brand that all the most stylish celebrities are going crazy over

7. We discovered five really good denim brands you've probably never heard of.

8. We narrowed the denim world down to seven simple hacks that will make your life a whole lot better.

9. We talked to an expert at Levi's about which vintage cuts fit different body types best.

10. We shared our top-secret favorite Pinterest boards for denim inspiration