The Only Item You Need to Make a Denim Skirt Look Polished

The return of the denim miniskirt was, if I am being honest, surprising. The last time I personally wore one was sometime in junior high, so my view of the style was definitely a tad skewed. When I recently came across the below image of a beloved blogger among the Who What Wear team, Camille Charrière, styling this particular skirt in a very elevated way, I had every intention of copying her.

She styled her denim miniskirt with a simple, dark blazer. Nothing life-changing or statement-making, by any means, but this outfit completely changed my view of this trend for me. It was instantly polished and chic and made the blazer she was wearing look so cool. To show you just how much we love this outfit combination, we shopped out a handful of blazer-and–denim miniskirt combinations by price point for you to see, plus an additional styling piece for each.

Keep reading to shop the outfit combination that makes a denim mini look so sophisticated!