We're Not Really Seeing This Denim Style Anymore

In the grand sartorial scheme of things, it goes without saying that jeans are really important. And given that they're a wardrobe staple across the world, we obviously like to stay up to the minute on what's trending in the denim world and, well, what's isn't. To give us some insight into the jean style that's quickly fading from view, we turned to the experts at Edited, a retail analytics company that studies exactly what people are (and aren't) buying, which is fascinating stuff, in our opinion.

Katie Smith, Edited's senior retail analyst, gave us the cut-and-dried 411 on the jeans to toss, the jeans to keep, and the jeans to buy next to look as forward as possible. And since data doesn't lie, we're taking her insight as scripture—at least until the next season brings a whole new crop of denim trends to try.

Read on to find out which jeans people are ditching, are hanging on to, and should invest in next.

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