Surprise: This Denim Trend Is Already Over

We may have some bad news if you invested in a certain denim trend this season. compiled an in-depth report on the popularity of different jean styles from a retail perspective, and the data shows that denim culottes just might be over.

Analyzing the first quarter of 2016, the site looked into how 25 major retailers stocked denim. Unsurprisingly, the results show that skinny jeans were by far the most popular style in stores, comprising 40% of the denim stocked. At the very bottom of the list were denim culottes, which accounted for a minuscule percentage of new arrivals for the period. 

Considering that retailers stock their shelves based on what customers want and what they predict would sell, we can infer that stores aren’t confident in people’s interest in denim culottes right now. That said, if you own a pair, by all means wear them—all the better to stand out.

Instead of experimenting with denim culottes, scroll down to shop the most popular denim style, skinny jeans!

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Opening Image: Getty Images