Meet the L.A. It Girl Who’s About to Become a Household Name

When you come from a Hollywood family, chances are, you’re going to land in the public eye yourself. Meet: Delilah Belle Hamlin, the daughter of actress Lisa Rinna, and actor Harry Hamlin. If you feel like you’ve spotted her before, you’re not wrong. She’s appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside Gigi Hadid (their mums are on the show), and is building up a huge presence on Instagram (200,000 followers and counting). With a feature in Teen Vogue already under her belt, and a modelling contract with Elite Models, we suspect her star is firmly on the rise.

Late last year, the 20-year-old model and singer travelled to Australia for the first time, to help Windsor Smith celebrate its 70th birthday. While she was here, we caught up with her to talk about style, shoe trends, and the fashion industry. Keep scrolling to meet the girl you’ll see everywhere in 2017.

WHO WHAT WEAR AUSTRALIA: Do you think you dress differently depending what city you’re in?

Delilah Belle Hamlin: Yeah, I think different cities have different style. When I go to New York I dress more high fashion but when I’m in L.A. I dress beachier, with crop tops and shorts. I usually wear sneakers and either jeans or cut-off jean shorts and any kind of top. I just try to be comfortable as I run a lot of errands and still go to school.

WWW: What’s your favourite sneaker brand?

DBH: Reebok! And I really like the shoes I recently from Windsor Smith. They’re the Orlando Flatform Sneakers ($160), and I like how they have some height to them. I also like Nike Air Force 1 ($160), they’re really popular here in L.A.

WWW: What trends are you excited to wear next?

DBH: Well, L.A. doesn’t get very cold, but because it’s winter at home, I’m excited to wear cashmere and layer with jeans and boots. If I’m going out, I usually wear a slip dress—something in metallic. I don’t like to go super fancy, so I’ll layer a more relaxed jacket like a coat or leather jacket and shrug it off the shoulder.

WWW: We love that style trick here in Australia, too. What are your favourite shoe trends right now?

DBH: I really like shoes with a platform. I love being taller so I always reach for heels, too.

WWW: What styles are you into at the moment? Perspex heels or lace-up heels? Or perhaps a classic pump?

DBH: I don’t really wear pumps, but I have been wearing the Windsor Smith Gemma Perspex Heels ($140)—anything with a thicker heel.

WWW: It’s your first time in Australia, but I want to know, before you arrived, were you familiar with any Australia fashion designers?

DBH: Yes! Off the top of my head I know and love PepperMayo, Seafolly, and Alex Perry.

WWW: Where do you like to shop?

DBH: Online or via Instagram—isn’t that how everyone shops these days? I love finding cute brands and then going to their website. I don’t really shop in stores that much, I usually just shop online as I’m pretty picky. I also buy a lot of stuff from Urban Outfitters because it’s affordable.

WWW: What websites do you use for style inspiration or do you get your inspiration from Instagram?

DBH: I usually get my style inspiration from Instagram. I do have a couple of friends who have fashion blogs but they’re not really well known. There’s one girl that I follow that I really love—her name is Chiara Ferragni, she’s Italian. I love her style and I always see her around in L.A. which is super cool.

WWW: Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?

DBH: I really like the way Gigi and Bella Hadid dress. I mean, there’s so many people I follow on Instagram [that I use for inspiration]. 

WWW: Do you have a favourite styling or beauty trick that you always use?

DBH: Well I always put highlighter on wherever I go. I love highlighter!

Opening image: Getty Images

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